Seriously talented young jumper with the scope, rideability, and temperament of a great Jr/AO horse. Currently winning in the Low Amateurs and has yet to be challenged by fence height. Has an outstanding canter, a smooth, clean, easy-to-stay-with jump, and a huge step that is very competitive in the jump-offs. Mature beyond his years with a very kind and generous eye. Very professional about his job and will suit an appropriately experienced jr/am in a program.


2009 16.1 1/2h Holsteiner Gelding
Barn Name: Chevy
Sire: Chepetto
Showing in: Low Jr/AO Jumpers
Type: Jumper
Sale Price Range: Over $150,000
Imported 2015. X-rays Available.

Career Highlights:

2nd, 1.20m Jumper ~ 2016 Summer in the Rockies IV

3rd of 82, 1.10m Jumpers; 4th of 35, 1.20m Jumpers~ 2016 Desert Circuit VII

Champion 1.00m Jumper ~ 2015 Gold Coast Labor Day

Miles through 130m and consistent show attendance since 2007

Winner Low Jr/AO Jumper ~ 2016 Lone Star Round Up II

Reserve Champion 1.15m Jumper ~ 2016 Texas Shoot Out

3rd of 17, 1.20m Amateur Jumper ~ 2016 HITS Ocala Masters

7th of 63, 1.15m Jumper ~ 2016 HITS Ocala Winter Festival

Champion 1.20m Jumper ~ 2016 Blue Ribbon Winter

4th of 14, 1.20m Mod. Jr/Am Jumper Classic ~ 2016 Christmas Horse Show

Reserve Champion 1.20m Mod. Jr/Am Jumper ~ 2015 Dallas Harvest

Winner High Ch/AA Jumper Classic ~ 2015 Fall Fun